About us

About Clinical Trial Podcast

$35,000 A Year

That’s how much I made after graduating from college in 2005. I aspired to work in the “medical field” but knew nothing about the clinical research. There were no mentors or advisors to guide me.

After a couple of years of hands-on experience working in the industry, it was time to move on. I wanted to be a clinical project manager. But was I ready? Did I have the knowledge and experience to be a clinical project manager?

The Leap

After 7 months of hustle, I landed with three jobs offers for Clinical Project Manager positions. I was ecstatic and decided to move from Massachusetts to California. It was a hard decision because the change made me uncomfortable and nervous. Looking back, this was the best decision I’ve made.


I believe that your network can change your life. Thanks to my college friend and roommate who helped me secure the Clinical Project Manager job. Since then, I’ve cultivated many friendships that have taught me valuable lessons along the way. Aside from the skills needed to be great clinical research professional, I’ve learned a lot about empathy, self-awareness, and gratitude.

The Birth of Clinical Trial Podcast

Platforms such as LinkedIn are a great way to connect and communicate with co-workers, professional connections, potential employers and more. LinkedIn also allows us to see how someone progressed in their career.

But how did they get there and what have they been doing differently that others can benefit from learning?

This led me to launch the Clinical Trial Podcast to understand what it takes to be the best-in-class clinical research professional. My goal through this project is to help you accelerate your career in clinical research and clinical trial management. Through a series of interviews with industry experts and blog posts, you’ll get valuable insights and hear first-hand on the daily routines of successful clinical research professionals.

The Audience

This podcast and blog is for students interested to pursue a career in clinical research and clinical trial management, clinical research assistants, associates, and coordinators; clinical project and program managers, clinical data managers, statisticians and programmers, clinical quality associates and managers, clinical safety and medical monitors and clinical scientists and medical writers

Why Am I Podcasting?

My goal is to create valuable content that people can use to grow personally and professionally. It’s exciting to ask questions that I would otherwise not be asking. The interviews provide me with a new appreciation of different perspectives. Everyone has a unique worldview and looks through a different lens.

Most importantly, I want to inspire people to take action and improve the industry as a whole by creating a platform for shared learning.

If you have any feedback on this project or my vision, I’d love to hear from you.