Who am I

I am a coach for individuals and companies involved in clinical research and clinical trial management.

My approach focuses on leadership and collaboration strategies that cut down site start-up time, accelerate patient recruitment, and lead to sound clinical trial financial management.

My superpowers are clinical project management and delivering results for my coaching clients.

Who do I work with

Biotech and medical device executives responsible for clinical programs
Physicians and research managers at hospitals and privately-owned clinical trial sites
Clinical research organization (CRO) senior leadership
Technology leaders developing tools to improve clinical research and trial management
Students and young professionals in clinical research

Why this website was built

After graduating from college, I knew my heart was in the field of medicine. I clearly remember having this fire within me to practice medicine in Sudan and help victims of the civil war.

I wasn’t able to make it Sudan but I was able to make a leap from a pure engineering and computer science background to clinical trial management.

When I started my career at a clinical research organization (CRO), I was scrambling to learn the technical skills needed for me to succeed in my role.

I read books, took courses and attended conferences on clinical trials to educate and train myself.

Then as my career progressed, I realized that it is not only important to deliver results but also important to master the soft skills necessary to work in a team environment.

This site was built to help individuals who want to excel in clinical trial management.

As a teacher and educator, I think it is necessary for individuals and organizations to have access to high-quality, comprehensive information with real-world insights on clinical trial management.

My vision is to create and share a body of knowledge to help remove obstacles that slow down the clinical development of new and novel medical therapies.

New to clinical trial management or just getting started?

If you’re new to the field of clinical research and clinical trial management, you’re in the right place.

The best way to learn about conducting clinical trials, growing your career in clinical trial management and stay up to date on the latest developments in the field is to subscribe to my newsletter and listen to my podcast.

What people are saying?

You have a natural gift for teaching

Thank you for teaching this topic to the 1st year students. I could tell they were thoroughly engaged and enjoyed the information they learned from you.
Tonja Green, Director of Medical Product Development Management, San Jose State University

Very helpful and informative – expanding my knowledge

I have been working in the life science space since 2004, I started in Regulatory and then expanded into the Clinical and Quality areas. This podcast has been very helpful in expanding my knowledge of the entire Clinical Trials process. I like the fact that it focused to help people who are interested in getting into Clinical Operations / Trials as well as expanding the working knowledge of those folks already in Clinical.

via Apple Podcasts

Oracle of Clinical

Very up to date! Useful! And must-listen for all in the clinical space to get foundational insight across all clinical research stakeholders.

via Apple Podcasts

Landed an internship of my choice

I am writing this email to thank you for teaching me the right approach to find an internship. A big Thank you for all your support & encouragement!
Rowena Cook, Student

Super Helpful!

I listen to your podcast on Spotify and they are super helpful thanks for putting that together for the community!
Mary Ahmadyar, Clinical Project Specialist

Big fan of your podcast

As someone who is new to the Clinical Operations space, I have found it very informative and a great way to continue to learn and grow!
Aarohi Joshi, Clinical Operations Consultant

Great info

I found the Clinical Trial Podcast very helpful in getting a basic understanding in clinical research. Kunal’s blog and articles about finding jobs in clinical research and getting hands-on experience has been extremely helpful. I liked how he has specific action items listed in his BEAVER method while searching for jobs. I found his tips helpful and just listening to his podcasts helped me in my interviews as well.

via Apple Podcasts

Must listen

This is a very up to date and informative podcast for those who want to explore a career in clinical/medical affairs. I learn a lot about the real day to day life and practical problem-solving skills from reading Kunal’s blog and podcasts! I do highly recommend these to everyone.

via Apple Podcasts

Everything You’ve Always Wanted To Know About Roles In Clinical Research

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