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Hi friend,

Thank you for taking the time to connect here.

I love making new friends, introducing podcast listeners to new guests and topics, and doing everything I can to serve the clinical research community.

You’re welcome to complete the contact form below. But before you do that, a few things to note:

If you’re here to make a podcast guest recommendation, please note that I cannot accept a guest who is solely interested in promoting their product, service, brand etc. I also cannot feature a guest just because they need media exposure. This is an educational podcast. When completing the form below, please clearly explain how this guest can provide value to Clinical Trial Podcast listeners.

If you’re a clinical research student and have a specific question, I strongly recommend that you record your question on “Ask Kunal” page. I like to answer questions publicly as more people can benefit from your questions and my answers.

If you’re interested in being a podcast sponsor, I am grateful to have your support. It is important for me to understand how your product/ service can help clinical research professionals before I can agree to accept you as a sponsor. And if you have an idea of what’s your goal with the podcast sponsorship (ex: make more sales, brand awareness), please make a note in the comments section on the contact form.

I love you all and I’m grateful that I can get to share our collective knowledge on clinical trials and clinical research management.

Now that you’ve read my note, you can choose to complete the contact form below.

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