Clinical Trial Outsourcing with Anca Copaescu

If you’re a sponsor responsible for outsourcing your clinical trials or someone who is curious about what clinical trial outsourcing entails, you’re in for a treat.

Our guest today is Anca Copaescu, CEO at Strategikon Pharma.

Outsourcing a multi-million dollar clinical trial is not as simple as calling a CRO, signing a contract, and spending the money. 

Selecting and identifying the right partner for your clinical trial is a complicated endeavor that requires you to be organized with your time, money, and process. 

Furthermore, sponsors want the best deal when it comes to outsourcing. Nobody likes to spend more money than they ought to. 

In this episode, Anca shares with us how you can achieve your outsourcing and budget management goals in the most efficient and organized manner, best practices for outsourcing and due diligence for large and small biotech companies, questions to ask during vendor selection, and more. 

Anca and her team are helping biopharmaceutical companies plan and budget clinical trials, select and manage clinical trial suppliers, and contracts using software applications. 

Prior to her work at Strategikon, Anca served as the Sr. Director, Head of Clinical Outsourcing and Analytics at Biomarin Pharmaceuticals, Director of Corporate Development at Icon Clinical Research, Director, Strategic Planning at Pharmanet Development Group, among many other roles.

Please join me in welcoming Anca to the show.

Anca Copaescu on LinkedIn


This podcast is brought to you by Slope. Slope provides an online eClinical Supply Chain Management (eCSCM) platform for sponsors and research sites collaborating on complex, sample-intensive, early-stage clinical trials. To learn more, visit

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