Effective clinical research sites, Gabriel D'amico- Mazza

“I enjoy conversations. It takes you somewhere different” – Gabriel D’Amico-Mazza

Gabriel is one of the most positive and enthusiastic individuals I know in clinical research. This was one of the main reasons I wanted him to be on this show.

He is an expert in business development at a clinical trial site, GCP Research, in Quebec, Canada.

Since joining GCP Research in 2010, Gabriel has led recruitment and advertising for Phase 2 and Phase 3 clinical studies. He has been involved in over 40 clinical studies and has been an integral part of the growth of GCP Research.

Gabriel graduated from Concordia University with a BSc and a Specialization in Biology. He has also finished a follow-up Graduate Diploma program in Health Care Management from McGill University.

Please join me in this fun and insightful conversation with Gabriel D’Amico-Mazza

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Show Notes:

  • Business development for clinical trials [01:06]
  • Recruiting participants, why people want to be in clinical trials [02:36]
  • The composition of a small site in clinical research [11:05]
  • Process for building relationships with a network of doctors and specialists [13:20]
  • Three things that motivate physicians  [16:50]
  • How doctors get paid in a hospital setting [20:04]
  • Average bill rate for a general practitioner in Canada [21:16]
  • Gabriel’s journey from college to clinical research [24:02]
  • Working with Quebec sites if you are a sponsor or CRO personnel from another country [28:00]
  • Social media marketing to recruit trial patients [32:00]
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) at GCP Research [45:20]
  • How to get feedback to improve clinical trial conduct [52:05]
  • Attending clinical research conference [56:28]
  • Email vs. calling people and why picking up the phone makes a difference [59:55]

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