Gary Thompson

“Life is an adventure” – Gary Thompson

In this interview, I had the pleasure to speak with one of the most optimistic individuals on the planet, Gary Thompson.

Gary is the Vice President of Clinical Research at Abbott Vascular. In this interview, Gary shares a ton of valuable information on career choices, his #1 advice for all managers, and the relationship between money and happiness.

In his free time, Gary loves to sail and is a proud owner of two sailboats. We discuss how sailing and clinical research are related in more ways than you can imagine.

Enjoy my interview with Gary!

Selected Links from the Episode

Show Notes:

[01:20] Advice on how to get into clinical research 

[07:33] Working in Japan 

[11:10] In-direct career paths 

[13:12] How to decide when considering a new clinical role 

[19:22] What it takes to work in a new geography 

[23:26] Most valuable lesson for all managers 

[25:56] Succeeding in the absence of a typical American childhood 

[28:38] Importance of work life balance 

[32:46] On sailing and how it applies to clinical research 

[41:44] Why you should take time off 

[43:30] Being present and meditation 

[47:20] Calling friends and family during the daily commute 

[57:30] Taking advantage of the right opportunities 

QUESTION: What was your favorite lesson from this episode?

Leave me a comment below and thanks for listening.

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