“You don’t ask your lawyer whether you can do something, you ask your lawyer to make it possible for you to do that thing” – Norman Goldfarb

In this interview, Norm and I dig deep into the business of clinical research. You’ll hear us talking about what it takes to run a clinical trial site, the importance of clinical research training and certifications, negotiation strategies, remote monitoring, challenges of being a research coordinator, our love for Ben Franklin and much, much more.

Hope you enjoy my interview with the all amazing Norman Goldfarb.

About Norman Goldfarb

Norman Goldfarb is a seasoned executive and leading authority on clinical research best practices. He has authored or presented hundreds of articles and talks on clinical research. He is Managing Director of First Clinical Research, Editor of the Journal of Clinical Research Best Practices, and Chairman of MAGI.

About This Podcast Episode

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Show Notes:

[01:53] Norm’s transition from high tech to clinical research via his work on a patient recruitment software 

[04:28] Why clinical research site business is a hard business 

[06:20] Career path of site principal investigators 

[10:30] Advice for recent graduates in the field of medicine  

[12:15] Challenges of being a study coordinator and how to overcome them 

[15:45] Pros and cons of remote monitoring 

[20:03] Importance of standardization in research 

[23:35] Model Clinical Trial Agreement Template 

[24:55] Resources of study coordinators negotiating clinical trial agreements 

[28:01] Ben Franklin 

[29:45] On writing controversial articles in clinical research  

[31:01] Certification in clinical research and does it matter 

[36:04] On negotiation  

[40:25] Two year requirement for taking certification exams and what matters most in clinical research 

[49:31] High road marketing 

[53:29] Philosopher’s Stone 

[56:57] Why should someone be in clinical research in the first place?

QUESTION: What was your favorite lesson from this episode?

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