Increase Patient Recruitment In Clinical Trials Final

In this episode, I share with you 17 strategies on how you can increase patient recruitment in your clinical trials. There is something of value for sponsors, CROs, and clinical trial sites.

17 Strategies to Increase Patient Recruitment in Clinical Trials

  1. [01:43] Loosen your protocol  inclusion/exclusion criteria
  2. [04:08] Eliminate or reduce the number of non-standard of care assessments
  3. [06:15] Educate and engage referral physicians
  4. [08:16] Speak at professional congress and request for referrals
  5. [09:33] Write emails or send letters to professional colleagues  
  6. [11:03] Share trial information on notice boards
  7. [11:57] Advertise on your website
  8. [12:56] Reach out to patients directly via social media groups
  9. [14:28] Add more sites to the study
  10. [15:40] Hire a recruitment consultant with relevant experience
  11. [17:05] Conduct additional medical chart reviews and/or pharmacy records
  12. [18:17] Develop an action plan to reduce patient screen failure
  13. [20:17] Create screening and enrollment workflow
  14. [21:27] Implement a continuation protocol
  15. [22:47] Conduct investigator and coordinator meetings at local congresses
  16. [24:35] Create an enrollment toolkit such as posters, inclusion/exclusion pocket cards, patient brochures
  17. [27:04] Share the enrollment process of high enrolling clinical trial sites

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