James Hasegawa

“Don’t be afraid to try new things” – James Hasegawa

This is a special episode in Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR) with James Hasegawa. James is a director at Abbott and is responsible for HEOR projects.

In this episode, James shares insights on how healthcare reimbursement works as it related to clinical trials.

We also dig into the world of Health Technology Assessment (HTA) groups and what it takes to model reimbursement for a medical product.

If you’re interested in breaking from the silos of clinical research and learn about important adjacent functions such as HEOR, this episode is for you.

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Books Mentioned:

Show Notes:

[01:52] What is Health Economics 

[06:09] James’s personal story: career path to HEOR 

[13:26] Daily routine of HEOR professionals 

[14:30] NICE and other HTA 

[15:15] HTA in United States 

[16:30] HTA vs. MAC 

[18:59] The future of HEOR 

[19:58] Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program (HRRP) 

[24:17] Economic value and what should a medical product start-up do? 

[25:00] How to find HEOR consultants 

[28:06] Qualities of HEOR people 

[28:57] Health economic model: how to make one? 

[31:38] Working with Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC) 

[33:20] The future of HEOR (continued) 

[34:57] On Big Data 

[36:52] Leveraging HEOR data in countries such as US and Japan 

[38:26] How does HTA function in the US 

[40:23] Resources and guidance documents on HTAs 

[43:30] HTA review process in Japan 

[47:55] Trick to learning other therapeutic areas 

What was most useful for you in this episode? Leave me a comment below and thanks for listening.

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