Robin Eckert

“You have to forgive yourself and not expect perfection” – Robin Eckert

In this episode, I had the privilege to talk to Robin Eckert.

Robin is an engineer by training who later transitioned into clinical safety and clinical trial management.

She is a very accomplished individual who has led complex structural heart medical device trials. Robin is also one of the most creative individuals in the clinical research space.

If you’re a gal (or a guy) wanting to transition into clinical research or change roles at your current company, Robin will inspire you with her personal story.

We wrap up our discussion with top-notch resources in the interventional cardiology space.

I hope you enjoy this interview with Robin as much as I did.

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Selected Links from the Episode

  • Connect with Robin


Show Notes:

[02:39] Transitioning from R&D engineering to clinical research 

[10:50] Leading clinical safety and working independently 

[13:41] What it takes to switch roles 

[16:08] Finding mentors within clinical organization 

[19:01] Creativity in clinical research 

[23:19] Importance of marketing and messaging in clinical research 

[29:18] Tips and insights for CROs responsible for creating newsletters 

[35:25] How to get credibility among your peers, industry, understanding why something is important in the grand scheme of things 

[37:27] Attending conferences

QUESTION: What was most useful for you in this episode?

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