Stephen Smith

In this interview, I had the pleasure of speaking with Stephen Smith regarding clinical program managament.

Stephen has several years of project management experience in the healthcare industry.

His experience isn’t limited to clinical project management.

Stephen has served as senior program management director where was the glue between R&D, marketing, clinical and manufacturing teams for rare disease and oncology drugs.

Stephen shares his experience working for top-notch organizations such as Genentech, Gilead Sciences, Audentes Therapeutics and more.

Since the time we recorded this interview, Stephen has changed employers. However, our discussion of challenges with clinical trials for rare diseases, the process for career development and importance lifelong learning still holds true.

In this interview, Stephen and I discuss why communicating clearly is important and how being humble and calm can make you a super-star.

There is a wealth of information on people skills that all of us need to hone and develop in order to accelerate our clinical research career.

Please join me in welcoming the all-amazing Stephen Smith to the Clinical Trial Podcast.

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