Dr. Jeff Kingsley Interview

In this interview with Dr. Jeffrey Kingsley, we talk about what it takes to start and manage a clinical trial site, the world of site networks, how an investigator can decide whether or not a clinical study is worth their time, volunteering for the Association of Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP), Food and Drug Administration (FDA) audits, books and a lot more.

Dr. Kingsley is the President and CEO; Institute for the Advancement of Clinical Trials DBA IACT Health and an owner of 11 clinical trial sites.

He is a Fellow at Association of Clinical Research Professionals. Dr. Kingsley graduated with a master’s in business administration from Emory University, a doctorate in osteopathic medicine from Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, a master’s in science, biochemistry and a bachelor’s of science, biology, chemistry, history, cultural anthropology from the University of Scranton.

Please join me in this value-packed interview with Dr. Jeffrey Kingsley.

Selected links from the episode:

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Association of Clinical Research Professionals

Society of Clinical Research Sites

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Vistage: Executive Coaching Organization

Harvard Business Review


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Books mentioned:

The Ideal Team Player: How to Recognize and Cultivate The Three Essential Virtues by Patrick M. Lencioni

Draw to Win: A Crash Course on How to Lead, Sell, and Innovate With Your Visual Mind

People mentioned:

Steve Jobs



Marcus Aurelius

Show notes:

  • plan for volatility when starting a clinical trial site from scratch [05:45]
  • we’re all responsible for ensuring the appropriate clinical research training [07:56]
  • be conscious of your expenses as a clinical trial site [09:41]
  • tools or processes starting your own sites [12:01]
  • the importance of getting yourself plugged into the industry [12:32]
  • joining a site network and why they are not all created equal [13:11]
  • the importance of differentiation and how sites are the most fragmented side of the research industry [15:34]
  • I actually got seven majors in my undergrad [17:42]
  • broaden your experience, the more you can see outside of the box [18:34]
  • Lessons learned as a union factory worker [20:30]
  • most critical skill in my opinion in research is the ability to gain that level of competence where you can think independently [22:50]
  • how to decide whether or not a clinical study is worth your time? [24:35]
  • how can somebody get involved with ACRP and why it’s important? [28:13]
  • ACRP certification [30:26]
  • you can get a job in the industry in an atypical fashion [33:04]
  • FDA audits [34:34]
  • should sponsors conduct investigator meetings and whether sites should charge for their time to participate in such meetings [37:47]
  • remote versus risk-based monitoring, what are the differences [41:54]
  • the future is risk-based monitoring [44:35]
  • Use CTMS to conduct clinical trials more effectively [45:57]
  • how do you go about finding a CTMS solution [47:24]
  • define what “Superman” looks like [48:23]
  • objectify the subjective [49:48]
  • negotiating study budgets and using data to drive your conversation [52:32]
  • how can a site ensure that clinical data quality is top notch [58:34]
  • hire quality individuals, pay attention to their capacity and making sure they have the tools to be successful [1:00:46]
  • not being average and revolutionizing research [01:12:32]


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